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Keynote and Workshop Topics


Empathic Listening

Ineffective listening is costing the organization time, energy and money. This communication method is the solution. It provides a practical tool for understanding and opens up the participants to greater discoveries.

The Most Powerful Force

Empowered with the awareness that they have tremendous hidden abilities and it’s their job to uncover them, the participants begin to explore greater possibilities and contribution to the organization’s mission.

Leveraging Behavioral Styles for an Empowered Workforce

Intellectually, hardly anyone misses the fact that we are different. Yet, there is an underlying expectation that people view and interpret the world the way we do. This exercise demonstrates, in an engaging and often hilarious way, that our worldviews vary and that those life experiences and varying perspectives make us stronger than we could ever manage to be alone.

Growth v. Fixed Mindset

Self-concept and limiting beliefs affect productivity. Broadening the capacity of the self-image leads to solutions, self-leadership and realizing potential. This segment really serves the participants in seeing a greater purpose in their job function and contribution to the organization.

Explanatory Style and Post Traumatic Growth

High-performing individuals have a relationship with challenge and adversity very distinct from underachievers. Armed with the knowledge of how to frame the inevitable challenges and setbacks of professional life, participants are positioned to soar.

Personal Integrity

The cumulative effects of not keeping your word to yourself and others lead to stress, unhappiness and confusion on what actions to take. Here, the participants reset and move forward understanding that they matter; and what they say they will do and when they will do it matters also.

Stronger Together

An experiential game in leadership and awareness. Through this experience, employees are able to see the cost of withholding ideas, assistance, input etc., to the organization.

 Goal Setting

Nothing happens until something moves. Here, we move the participants towards goal setting with specific, challenging and measurable outcomes to be created in the next 30 days within the organization.

Why the Why

Highly successful people have predetermined that the goal will be achieved no matter what it takes. Because they understand the why, they are willing to do whatever it takes. When this attitude is part of the culture, then growth is inevitable. In a fun, interactive exercise, attendees experience the power of this concept in a way that is undeniable.